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“We're all on a journey to overcome something in our lives. I pray the life lessons and stories you'll find here

will inspire you to decide to live!”

–  Jessica 

“It is impossible to see the beauty around us if we're always looking down. Miracles are everywhere."

–  Jessica

"I don't know what the mountain you face is made of, but I do know what's inside of you: a champion." 

–  Jessica 


"The mountains we face are gateways to our greatness."

–  Jessica 


K’Bana Blaq

Finally a show that let's you be human and I am loving it!

Kristen Crowley

This is a podcast anyone can benefit from, no matter where you are at in YOUR

Mary Moore

Thank you for your transparency Jessica!


This is amazing and so real.

James Jernigan

Love it.

Fantastic and inspirational.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 

–  Lao Tzu 

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“My deepest prayer is that this is a safe space for people on a journey, and the life lessons here will ignite the champion inside of you, too!”

–  Jessica


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