TV family helps me complete workout challenge

Love is a verb.

It’s one of my favorite sayings.  I have seen it in action from my family, friends, and colleagues at News 3.

When I was promoted from reporter to morning anchor in 2014, I didn’t just switch to an earlier shift.  I gained two brothers and a sister with my co-anchor Blaine Stewart, meteorologist Myles Henderson and traffic anchor Kristen Crowley.

Not only do they patiently endure my tales of failed healthy recipes, soreness from workouts, or frustrations over the journey, but they also encourage and love me no matter what.

To top it all off, they finished the last day of a 31 day workout challenge in summer 2015. I personally challenged myself to workout 31 days straight.  In exchange, several local gyms and my personal trainer gave away memberships.  My morning family showed their support by completing that last grueling workout with me!

Love is indeed a verb.