Overcoming Anxiety | Decide to Live with Jessica Larché


Therapy is normal, needed and it changed the course my life.

It took an abrupt encounter with anxiety and a panic attack while I was live on the air — a moment I thought would end my career in television — for me to embrace the healing and peace that comes with counseling.

Therapy revealed anxiety was the source of my past toxic relationship with food. That revelation led me to healthier coping mechanisms to overcome anxiety, resulting in my 100-pound weight loss journey.

Join me on this episode of Decide to Live® as my therapist, Dr. Robin Nottingham, shares life-changing advice on how to thrive in the face of anxiety, addiction and depression.

Let’s erase the stigma! Therapy is normal!

As you’ll see in this episode, Dr. Nottingham is a huge advocate of deep breathing.  Here’s the exercise she references during our conversation: Producing the Relaxation Response