No finish line… workout evolution

When I took the first steps on this weight loss journey, it was painful.


With nearly 270 pounds on my 5’2 frame, my back was often in unbearable pain. I would often find myself in tears from the pressure.  I couldn’t see how I would ever get to the point where workouts would be fun and enjoyable again.

Fast forward five years, and I now enjoy flipping 275-pound tires, body combat, and bench pressing.

What the what?

It’s all about progress.  This journey has taught me to be patient with my body.  Things you may think are impossible now, will become second nature along the way. So don’t throw in the towel if you can make it only 5 minutes during your workouts now. Keep going! One day, you’ll be flipping tires, too!


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  1. Anonymous

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