Love yourself enough to lose

Many people ask me what’s my secret to losing 100 pounds over the last few years.

Is there a special diet? Workout regiment?

Here’s the real deal: there is one very special key.

Got your pens ready?

It’s love.

I know you were expecting a certain type of workout, or a specific number of calories or carbs to eat every day. Yes, you need to consider all that, but love is the real key to this journey.

Truly loving myself, by being good to my one and only body, is what made this journey click for me. Love is also what has kept me focused through the valleys that inevitably come along the way.

I realized that even in my deepest struggles of abusing food and not taking care of my body, God loved me.  In fact, it’s His unwavering love and desire for all of us to be good to ourselves that opened my eyes.

This journey is becoming a lot less about a specific number on a scale or the size of my dress.  It is more about being a better steward over the body God blessed me with.

Essentially, I had to love myself enough to lose.  Not just lose the weight, but lose the excuses.  Lose the “I’ll start on Monday.”  Lose the complacency of not pushing myself to be better to myself in general.  And – doing it all out of love.

Here’s the way I see it. Love along this journey is manifested in better eating choices.  Love was staring in the mirror at 267 pounds, and loving every inch of what I saw. Love is working out more and pushing myself when I would rather stay home. Love is choosing to see myself the way God sees me.

The only thing that really separates Jessica at my highest weight and Jessica now are better health decisions. The beauty, worth and confidence are the same.

A lifestyle change, faith in God, prayer, consistency, determination and an amazing team of family and friends who love me make this lifelong journey possible. No matter where you are along your journey, take a moment today to reflect and thank God for the opportunity to take another step forward.

The scriptures say love is patient, love is kind.  So be kind to your bodies by making better choices.  Be patient with yourself as you go along the way.  This is a lifelong journey, not a sprint.  And love will keep you every step of the way.