Let us run with endurance…

Along any weight loss journey, plateaus are inevitable.  No matter how many calories you count or miles you run, there will come a point when the scale will not budge.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing anything wrong.  Our bodies get used to the good habits. Believing that is MUCH easier said than done when you’ve been staring at the same number on the scale for weeks.  Or months.

In the middle of a plateau stage in my journey, I got frustrated.  Despite consistent workouts, good eating decisions and a positive attitude, the scale didn’t budge.  I wanted to hit 100 pounds lost by a certain date, but those calendar pages came and went.

Down in the dumps one day, I reached for my journal (not a huge bowl of pasta like I would have years ago).  It’s where I talk to God about everything. As I passed through the pages to find a blank one, I found some important reminders.

Excerpts from the summer of 2012 said my blood pressure was 150/100 and my weight was 245 pounds.

Below that, a note that read “Thank you Jesus for blessing me with an obstacle I can overcome… I will work to make you proud by taking good care of the body you’ve placed my soul in…”

A few days after that entry I wrote “Jesus, I thank you for the beautiful body you’ve blessed me with.  I thank you for the challenges you’ve blessed me with, too.  I thank you for courage to confront them.”

If you know me (or have been around me more than two seconds) you know tears started to fall from my eyes. Why get upset over a plateau when God has brought me this far along the journey?

I won’t sit here and tell you this journey is easy.  There are days when I’m excited to hit the gym and down a bowl of kale, and there are days when I’d rather have a fast metabolism and a three-piece meal from Popeye’s (spicy with a side of mash and a buttery biscuit).  I can promise you that the more good decisions you make, the more joy you find in taking care of the one and only body God gave you, regardless of what the scale reads.

We’ve all got something to tackle in this race we call life.  So, like my favorite scripture Hebrews 12:1 says “Let us run with endurance the race set before us.”  Health and wellness is not a sprint.  It cannot be won or lost in one day.  We just have to make sure our good days outnumber the bad, and run the race set before us with endurance.