Lessons from my Daddy

My Dad left a smile and a whole lot of love with each and every person he crossed paths with in his life.  His laugh was huge.  His heart was even bigger.  I’d like to think that’s the spirit he passed on to me.

We also shared something else – a struggle with food and obesity. Before I moved to Virginia in 2010, I gave him a pair of boxing gloves and said, ‘Dad, you can beat this.”  At the time, he was close to 500 pounds and nearly immobile.  He struggled with other obstacles in his past that didn’t make this fight with a food addiction any easier.

He died months later in July of 2011.

Losing him punched me in the chest. I was in the same boat he was in when it came to food. I was facing the same obstacles. When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure the year after his death,  I learned the lesson he left behind. I could decide to live. His story didn’t have to be mine.

It didn’t have to be his, either. What if he had adopted a healthier lifestyle five or ten years before he passed away?  Would he have been here to see me get married? To meet the father of his future grand children?  To see me winning this battle one moment at a time?

I can’t say that he would still be here, but he definitely would not have passed the way he did.

I have learned so much from my Dad about life.  I hope you do, too.

Daddy, your prayers from heaven are working.  Keep praying for all of this on this journey.