How a folding chair turned my day around

It’s a warm weather task many of us dread. I honestly avoided it altogether before I started my weight loss journey a few years ago, but in the summer of 2014, I was excited to go swimsuit shopping.  I was down 80 pounds from my heaviest weight at that point, and I assumed swimsuit shopping would be a positive experience.

I was wrong.

It seemed the mirrors in the dressing room highlighted every “flaw” as I tried on swimsuit after swimsuit. One mirror reminded me I don’t have a flat stomach. I could see my not-so-defined arms in the second mirror.  By the time I looked at the third mirror, I was nearly in tears.  How could I have come so far and worked so hard and still have so much work to do?  I walked in feeling like Beyoncé and left like I was in a time machine that took me back to 267 pounds.

The emotions from the ordeal were still lingering in my heart later when my friends and I went to a wine festival in downtown Norfolk. As we took our seats at a table, I just happened to look down at the chair.  A red stamp read “WARNING: WEIGHT LIMIT 250 POUNDS”.

It took me a moment to realize the milestone that little red label represented. Years ago, I would not have been able to sit in that seat.  I would have been in tears as I found some excuse to sit somewhere else.  It made me realize that one bad swimsuit shopping session couldn’t overshadow how far I had come on my journey.


To top it all off, a few days later, I found a better swimsuit at a different store at a fraction of the price of the others.


(Originally published May 14, 2014)