The blessing of this burden

For years, I was at odds with God about my weight struggles. Why is this my burden?  Why couldn’t I have a super-fast metabolism like other people who can eat whatever they want? This isn’t fair.

Then, in the summer of 2012, I had the revelation that changed my life forever and set me on this journey. I am blessed to have this as my burden.

Wait. Battling obesity is a blessing? Yes, it is. Here’s why.

We all have a “thing” that seems to be in the way, or a constant force of opposition in our lives. For some, it can be a debilitating disability that no matter how hard you fight or how hard you smile, it will always be there. For others, it can be a fatal disease. The only decision many people have in situations like these is to be happy despite their circumstances, or drown in misery.

I realized that my “something” is a blessing, because I actually have the power to confront and overcome it day by day.  I have the power to decide.  It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but it certainly means I can choose to push through it.

I became grateful that God blessed me with an obstacle I have complete control over. I can choose to exercise. I am blessed with legs, arms and feet so I can walk and jog and run. I can choose to make better eating choices.

I learned to look in the mirror, and thank God for everything I see looking back at me. I began to say, out loud, “Thank you God for this burden. I will make you proud by facing this obstacle head on.” Every single day, I have the power to choose. What a blessing!

(originally published February 20, 2014)