Falling in love with flaxseed

It wasn’t love at first sight (or taste) but eventually, I fell in love with flaxseed. My blood pressure and blood sugar are thanking me for this love affair.

Our love story goes a little something like this…

After the 2012 high blood pressure diagnosis, I decided to lean on a lower carbohydrate food plan. In the past, I had experienced my best weight loss by focusing on leaner meats and plenty of veggies, so I figured  a modified, more realistic version would work for me.

After a while, I missed nearly every dish that had something to do with bread. Sandwiches.  Waffles.  Muffins.  Brownies.  I started Googling low carb recipes for all of the above, and milled or ground flaxseed came up for nearly all of them.  It’s low in carbs, and a heart healthy fat.  Winning!

I started with the minute muffin recipe I heard Jorge Cruz talk about on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I must admit — I got it completely wrong the first time (ask my best friend who I forced to try it with me), but it still felt like I was eating bread.

After a few J. Larche remixes to the recipe (and a few more teaspoons of stevia) I was VERY happy with it. I ate it for breakfast, with a little bit of butter and sugar free raspberry jelly.  I would even double the normal minute muffin recipe, microwave it in some Tupperware, and cut it up like slices of bread.  I also mixed it up by adding a tablespoon of pumpkin to it.  Yum!!!

I found recipes for flaxseed waffles (I used sugar free coffee creamer and stevia in this recipe instead of coconut milk) and flaxseed muffins (I used mixed fruit instead and stevia in place of some of the other ingredients in that recipe).

flaxseed muffins

I officially fell in love with flaxseed after my first batch of flaxseed brownies during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays last year (I used sugar free coffee creamer instead of whole cream).  I loved them.  My friends did, too!  Or at least that’s what they told me, ha! I even heated one up and put a dab of sugar free ice cream on top.

I made a batch for my News 3 family. Check it out!

(Originally published February 20, 2014)