Count it all joy!

Count it all joy!

There’s a beautiful becoming process in any journey, especially when it comes to improving your health and fitness.

I don’t mean just a physical difference.  I’m talking about a spark deep within that gets ignited when you make decisions that honor this one body, this one life we’re given.

I saw that spark in one of my post workout pictures the other day, but I almost dimmed the light by looking at it through the wrong lens…

I’d just finished double duty in the gym with a tough round of weights and cardio.  I was sweaty, exhausted and happy.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  Rolled up my shirt to show my “abs” and snapped a few pictures.  I sat down to take a look at which one I would post.

Ya’ll know what happened next…

Like most of us do, my eyes darted to the six-pack hidden way, way, way down deep.  Listen, if it’s in there, it’s nice and comfy under a stubborn layer of belly fat, okay?

I had to quickly stop myself from the onslaught of “Negative Nancys” that were ready to arise.  Instead, I switched my gaze to my smile in the picture. It was the biggest, cheesiest, most joy-filled display of teeth you ever want to see!  So big I had to laugh at myself! 

I looked back at my belly, and it looked different to me.  It now looked strong.  Healthy.  Enduring.  No, a magic pack of abs didn’t just appear. I was finally able to see the joy of a belly that had been on this roller coaster of a journey with me.  It has taken a beating through years of bad health decisions, and weathered the storm of getting out of my comfort zone to live a healthier life.  I realized my smile was so  genuine because I was proud of bringing my belly, backside and biceps into the gym to show it some respect and love by working out.

When I started this journey, I had dreams of what my fittest body would look like. I’ve learned there is danger in comparing yourself to a figment of imagination you drummed up in your mind. Instead, I’m learning to find happiness in making good, healthy, consistent decisions, and being proud of my body, however it responds. 

Count it all joy!