Decide to Live Podcast
It’s hard to see the big picture when you’re in the middle of a health and fitness battle.  You bust your  butt and wonder where in the world is the progress?!? In this episode, I’m sharing how the law of attraction and a special word from God put a huge fitness goal into motion long...
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I am so excited to officially launch the Decide to Live Podcast! If there were an emoji that showed confetti, pom poms, and a two-step all in one, it still wouldn’t be enough to explain how geeked I am about this project. You can find my podcast on iTunes and Google Play by searching “Decide to...
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Lately, podcasts and audio books have been huge sources of inspiration and motivation for me on this journey.  Then I realized, I’ve been holding on to a stash of my own that could help someone too! Without further ado, check out “Decide to Live” the podcast!  Press play for a boost of motivation and inspiration...
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