Can you spare 2% of your time?

Two percent of something doesn’t sound like much, right?

Think about it.

If someone asked you for two percent of your lunch, you would probably pass that spoonful right on over.

Two percent of your dollar? A few pennies doesn’t seem like a huge loss.

What about two percent of your day?

One hour. That’s all it takes to invest in the blessing of the body God gave you with some exercise.  A walk. A run. A fitness DVD. A class at the gym. According to the American Heart Association, getting in 150 minutes of exercise per week can help prevent heart disease and save your life.

Too often, we find a million excuses not to commit just four percent of our day to investing in our health. Even after several years on this journey, it’s still a mind game for me, too. Sometimes I win.  Sometimes, I wind up on the couch.

If we’re not careful, everything becomes a priority over that all important four percent. The job. The kids. The husband. The wife. The dog.  The latest episode of the Mindy Project…. Here’s the thing. Taking care of yourself by moving your body more helps guarantee that you will be here to take care of everyone else. The numbers do not lie. Most of the top 10 causes of death in the U.S. – heart disease, stroke and cancer – are all tied to our lack of exercise and poor eating choices. The good news is we can use the God-given blessing of free will to live longer and healthier lives.  All it takes is two percent. Can your spare the time?