Actions over feelings

Actions over feelings…

Most days, I set myself up to be motivated, positive and excited about tackling my job, my journey, my life!

I roll out of bed into a gratitude prayer to Sweet Baby Jesus.  Play a motivational podcast.  Greet my co-workers at News 3 with a smile and a laugh, and get the day going.

Most days that actually works.

But on Tuesday?  It. Did. Not.

I just had one of those days… I felt “blah.”  Bloated.  Unmotivated.  Unworthy.

I chugged down several cups of coffee just to get through the morning show and make it through the rest of my shift.  I certainly had no interest in being “Jessica on a Journey” that day…

It happens to the best of us, and boy did it happen to me.  All I wanted to do was order something big, cheesy and greasy, stuff my face (and my feelings) and go to bed.

But if we lived every day being led by our fleeting feelings, we’d be in big trouble. I know, because that’s what got me to a height of 267 pounds years ago.

So, through this fitness journey, I’ve had to learn, re-learn, and learn again the lesson of actions over feelings.  For 45 minutes, I ignored the nagging feelings of “you’re not good enough” in my mind and pushed through a workout.  It was far from my best.  Could compete for my worst.  But I got it done.  Not one rep more than required, but it was done.  And guess what?  I actually felt better afterwards.  No, my feelings didn’t just disappear, but I was able to get the upper hand on managing my mood.

I’m not saying we should completely ignore how we feel.  Acknowledge it?  Yes.  Stew in it forever?  No.  Put it on pause, and push through the “blah” so you can feel better.  Workout.  Eat the kale instead of the cake.  Just forget the feelings for a second and do something you’ll be proud of in an hour.  Take it from me… Trying to eat it away only makes it worse in the long run.

And if you have a bad moment and inhale a box of cookies?  Brush it off and begin again.  Every 60 seconds brings a new moment.  But, if you can muster up the strength, show yourself some love and push through whatever is pulling you down.  It may just turn your day around.

Actions over feelings.