You know that saying, “There’s no crying in baseball”? I don’t know if they ever tried to lose 100 pounds and keep it off (I’m batting at an 85% success rate right now 😂).

There is all kinds of crying along the way. Tears of frustration. Tears of joy. Tears of pain. Tears of passion. Tears for the tears.

Sweet baby Jesus!

For a long time, I thought the tears were telltale signs that I wasn’t strong enough. I thought I needed to toughen up.

After nearly six years of “getting my life together” on this journey, I have learned the tears are signs of strength, especially when you learn to push through and JUST DO IT. Cry AND go the gym. Cry AND eat the kale. Cry AND keep pushing.

It is okay to release those emotions along the journey. You have to. You NEED to. But as soon as you wipe your eyes, refocus on the goal. Don’t drown in your tears. Do your best breast stroke and JUST DO IT!